About us

About Us

We are a Portuguese bank, dedicated to serving the Portuguese market and collaborating in the development of economic relations between Portugal and Angola. We provide a comprehensive financial service tailored to the needs of individual and business clients.

In order to accommodate the specific nature and uniqueness of each request, our integrated, flexible solutions are under constant development, complying with strict quality standards and handled with the utmost proficiency and professionalism.

We assume a key role in the strengthening of economic relations between these two countries, relying largely on the support of Banco BIC S.A. (Angola). Thus, and within this scope, our activity sets out to target companies and entrepreneurs given to the exportation of services and goods with investment strategies in Angola, or in the process of internationalisation towards this country.

We offer a broad range of innovative products and services, subject to expert management and designed by people for people. Designed just for you.

Banco BIC Português, S.A. Registered Office: Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 132, 1050-020 Lisbon Share Capital: 410.429.800 euros Registration No and Taxpayer ref. No. 503 159 093

Governing Bodies

General Meeting
  • Jorge Brito Pereira (Chairman)

  • Alberto Teles (Vice-Chairman)

  • José Artur Neves (Secretary)

Board of Directors
  • Diogo Barrote (Chairman)

  • Fernando Teixeira dos Santos

  • Rui Pedras

  • Miguel Antunes

  • Manuel da Luz

  • Pedro Almeida e Silva

  • Bernardo Espírito Santo

  • José Araújo e Silva

  • Fernando Teles

  • Francisco Constantino Pinto

  • Duarte Pita Ferraz

  • Pedro Azevedo Maia

  • José Azevedo Pereira

  • Vanessa Ferreira Loureiro

Executive Committee
  • Fernando Teixeira dos Santos (CEO)

  • Rui Pedras

  • Miguel Antunes

  • Manuel da Luz

  • Pedro Almeida e Silva

  • Bernardo Espírito Santo

  • José Araújo e Silva

Audit committee
  • Susana Ribeiro (Chaiman)

  • Ilídio Lopes (Permanent Member)

  • Armando Paredes (Permanent Member)

  • Carlos Corte-Real Pereira (Alternate)

Statutory Auditors (four-year period 2016/2019)
  • José António Barata (ROC n.º 1210)

  • Carlos Loureiro (ROC n.º 572)

Company History


Banco BIC Português S.A. was founded in January 2008 and initiated its activity as a bank on May 26 of the same year. Its headquarters are located in Lisbon, in which the first Business Centre/Branch was established, with the opening of another in Porto at the end of 2008. In the years to follow, Banco BIC marked its presence in Viseu, Aveiro, Leiria and Braga, launching its Alvarenga branch, especially designed to secure financial resources, in 2010.

In 2012, Banco BIC added a new dimension to its already well-established orientations, becoming a retail bank as a result of a considerable boost in its sales network which, today, boasts over two hundred new branches.

With an equal shareholding structure to that of Banco BIC S.A. (Angola), the Portuguese Banco BIC collaborates with renowned shareholders from the Portuguese business market, particularly from the banking sector, as well as with other prominent figures from the economic and financial sectors of Angola. In addition to this team, the Bank also counts on a set of professionals with vast experience in the financial system, not only in Portugal but also in other countries of the African continent, Brazil and Spain.

In 2017, the brand changed to EuroBic.

Institutional Documentation

Banking License

The company was named Banco BIC Português S.A. in 2012, after merger. Please click here for the EuroBic Banking License.

Articles of Association

Please click here for the EuroBic Articles of Association.


EuroBic places a number of quick, efficient and safe contact channels at the disposal of the client. Choose the option that is best suited to your needs.

Head Office:
Address Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 132
1050-020 Lisboa

(00351) 21 359 80 00